Collection: Applications

We propose different types of magnetic beads. Different surface coatings and chemistries give each type of bead its own binding properties, making Aurosphere® superparamagnetic beads suitable for various biomedical applications including cell separation, RNA/DNA isolation and nano-diagnostics.

  • Cell separation

    Magnostics has demonstrated over 90% separation efficiency of ovarian cancer cells  based on its Aurosphere®  Streptavidin magnetic beads.

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  • DNA/RNA isolation

    Magnostics has demonstrated the superior separation efficiency of its Aurosphere® Silica  magnetic beads for the separation of Nucleic Acids from complex media such as serum.

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  • Nano-diagnostics

    Our Superparamagnetic Nanoparticle Technology enables the detection of a few microorganisms or molecules that would not be possible with conventional techniques.

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  • Other applications

    Aurosphere® superparamagnetic beads are suitable for various other biomedical applications such as next generation sequencing, ion exchange chromatography, chemical functionalization or transvection.

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Customize magnetic beads for your research

Our  Aurosphere® superparamagnetic beads are highly customizable and we can adapt them specifically to our customer’s needs. Please get in touch with us so we can discuss your specific requests.