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Magnostics Rapid RNA/DNA Extraction Kit

Magnostics Rapid RNA/DNA Extraction Kit

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Magnostics Rapid RNA/DNA Extraction Kit (Cat. No 6003) is a magnetic beads-based nucleic acid purification technology intended for isolation and purification of RNA and DNA. It is specifically designed to recover RNA/DNA from media based on the Aurosphere® Silica beads.

Each kit contains enough reagent to perform 192 extraction of 0.5 mL samples when using 96 well microplates. (Note: kit is not sold with ethanol).

The Magnostics Rapid RNA/DNA Extraction Kit is compatible with automated nucleic acid purification system, such as ThermoFisher KingFisher Flex system and other magnetic beads based separation process, manual or automated, such as Magnetic separators for 96 well plates (M96D-400 for deep well and M96S-1 for standard well, Can be ordered from Magnostics separately). 

Compared to other automated systems in independent lab tests, Magnostics Kit has consistently outperformed competitors’ automated systems in yield by micrograms, and quality of extracted DNA and RNA.

magnostics extraction kit, manual vs automated extractionmagnostics extraction kit

Aurosphere Silica beads for 192 extractions are included in a kit.

Clinical evaluation by independent laboratories have demonstrated excellent performance using several Master Mixes.  The Aurosphere® silica coated magnetic beads, however, result in higher extraction efficiencies at Ct values greater than 30 resulting in higher sensitivities and specificities.

aurosphere beads_magnetic beads_magnostics

This kit is produced to ISO13485 standards and intended for use by qualified clinical and laboratory personnel specially instructed and trained in the techniques of magnetic bead purification and in in vitro diagnostic procedures.


For at least 192 extracts per kit

Magnostics Aurosphere 800 silica magnetic beads are included

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Our  Aurosphere® superparamagnetic beads are highly customizable and we can adapt them specifically to our customer’s needs. Please get in touch with us so we can discuss your specific requests.