nucleic acid separation

Breakthrough in nucleic acid separation

AurosphereTM  mesoporous beads make it possible to combine size selection with nucleic acid extraction with adjustable porosity and pore sizes.

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Magnostics is developing a lab-on-a-chip device

1 July, 2023. This lab-on-a-chip device will be used for quick magnetic particle sensing and virus detection.

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Aurosphere Beads awarded

29 April, 2020. UCD announced awards for COVID-19 Rapid response funding including project based on Magnostics Si Aurosphere beads and Magnostics Magnetic Arrays.

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Enabling precise manipulation of cells

10 August, 2016. Using Magnostics Aurosphere magnetic beads, a research group in University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland, demonstrated control of cells on a micro-fabricated chip.

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Customize magnetic beads for your research

Our  Aurosphere® superparamagnetic beads are highly customizable and we can adapt them specifically to our customer’s needs. Please get in touch with us so we can discuss your specific requests.