Magnostics Ltd is a bionanotechnology SME founded on successive research investment by NASA and the EU. We produce the high performance Aurosphere® magnetic beads, which enable rapid, high yield separation for precision medicine.


Superparamagnetic Bead Technology

A breakthrough in performance:

Clinical samples are notoriously difficult to work with using conventional research technics: columns block and nanobeads get lost in viscous fluids. The Aurosphere® superparamagnetic beads are designed specifically for rapid separation from viscous clinical samples and fermentation broths. Large surface areas and small size lead to highly efficient reactions in minutes.

The Aurosphere® beads represent a breakthrough in performance in magnetic separation - the magnetization of these particles is 3-5x higher.

aurosphere_magnetic_beadsRegarding the separation speed, Aurosphere® 800nm beads (in red below) are faster than competitors' beads that have similar sizes. Considering that the magnetic force is proportional to the cubic of bead’s diameter, the separation speed using Aurosphere® 800nm beads is so fast that they are comparable with competitor’s 2.8μm beads (in yellow).


Aurosphere® beads have been used and described in these publications: 

Journal of Applied Physics (Aurosphere® beads were called MagSense)


Aurosphere® Advantages

Speed: More rapid separations increases productivity and enable detection of rare RNA/ DNA

Efficiency: Higher efficiency separations enables you to isolate rare analytes in complex media

ISO13485 compliance

Customizable: Choose from a range of sizes and chemistries to fit your application

Easy to Use: Kit contains everything you need: beads, all buffers and magnets

How does magnetic separation work?

Magnetic separation uses magnetic beads to bind targeted biomolecules and separate them from serum and clinical samples. A magnetic force is applied to the sample mixture, and the molecule of interest, which is coated on the magnetic beads, is separated from the mixture.It provides a quick and easy method to purify specific proteins, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules.

Typical magnetic beads enabled protocol

magnetic beads separation protocol

For In vitro Diagnostics, with an extraction of biomarkers from serum and clinical samples:

Step 1: Customize: Tailor your beads to match your application.

Step 2: Mix: Mix nanoparticles with biomarkers’ sample.

Step 3: Bind and extract: Nanoparticles bind to the desired biomarkers. Use a magnetic force to aggregate the bound material.

Step 4: Wash: Remove unbound materials by aspiration, what remains is the nanoparticle-bound targets.

Step 5: Elute: Release the bound target biomarkers from the nanoparticle. The selected biomarkers’ sample is ready for downstream applications.

A patented technology

Our technology is patented for nanoparticle synthesis and single particle tracking:
Know how: ISO 13485/GMP processing of the Aurosphere® beads in a cost-efficient manner.
Know how: Surface chemistries for coating beads and making kits for extracting RNA/DNA from complex matrices like blood.

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